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WorldCover Map visualisation script

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General description of the script

This script visualises WorldCover Map

Table 1: Color legend for WorldCover classification map

Value Color Color Code Class Name
10 0x006400 Tree cover
20 0xffbb22 Shrubland
30 0xffff4c Grassland
40 0xf096ff Cropland
50 0xfa0000 Built up
60 0xb4b4b4 Bare /sparse vegetation
70 0xf0f0f0 Snow and Ice
80 0x0064c8 Permanent water bodies
90 0x0096a0 Herbaceous wetland
95 0x00cf75 Mangroves
100 0xfae6a0 Moss and lichen
0 No data

Description of representative images

WorldCover 2020, Thessaloniki, Greece visualised in EO Browser

WorldCover Map Thessaloniki

WorldCover 2020, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo visualised in EO Browser

WorldCover 2020, Kinshasa DRC