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Airbus SPOT (Commercial)

SPOT 6/7 is a satellite constellation providing very high-resolution optical imagery and is owned by Airbus. It is composed of two twin satellites orbiting the Earth 180° apart. The satellites deliver 1.5 m optical imagery and offer a daily revisit capability to any point on the globe. SPOT 6/7 data with its high spatial resolution is suitable for a range of remote sensing applications such as vegetation monitoring, precise mapping, risk and disaster management. To learn more about SPOT, visit our documentation page.

The spectral bands of SPOT data are the following:

B0 - Blue (454-519 nm, resolution 6m)

B1 - Green (527-587 nm, resolution 6m)

B2 - Red (624-694 nm), resolution 6m

B3 - Near Infrared (756-880 nm), resolution 6m

PAN - Panchromatic (455-744 nm), resolution 1.5m

SPOT’s RGB bands are in 6 meter spatial resolution. To take advantage of the 1.5 m PAN band, the pansharpening process is required.

Note: Because Pleiades and SPOT bands are very similar in wavelengths, the same custom scripts are used for both constellations.