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Landsat-8 indices from indexdatabase

Following collection of remote sensing indices has been constructed from the information available at the Index database (IDB) for Landsat-8 satellite.

Javascript functions have been parsed from the data automatically, so please note there might be errors and feedback will be appreciated. Also note thate the intervals where various indices are mapped to colors are estimations and as such might not work best for all use cases. Tweak the scripts and let us know about your findings.

Abbreviation Name Custom script Open in EO Browser
ATSAVI Adjusted transformed soil-adjusted VI id_209.js EO Browser
AFRI1600 Aerosol free vegetation index 1600 id_393.js EO Browser
Alteration Alteration id_1.js EO Browser
AVI Ashburn Vegetation Index id_574.js EO Browser
ARVI Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index id_4.js EO Browser
ARVI2 Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index 2 id_396.js EO Browser
BWDRVI Blue-wide dynamic range vegetation index id_136.js EO Browser
Carbonate Carbonate id_6.js EO Browser
CIgreen Chlorophyll Index Green id_128.js EO Browser
CVI Chlorophyll vegetation index id_391.js EO Browser
CI Coloration Index id_11.js EO Browser
CTVI Corrected Transformed Vegetation Index id_244.js EO Browser
CRI550 CRI550 id_253.js EO Browser
GDVI Difference NIR/Green Green Difference Vegetation Index id_27.js EO Browser
DVIMSS Differenced Vegetation Index MSS id_569.js EO Browser
EVI Enhanced Vegetation Index id_16.js EO Browser
EVI2 Enhanced Vegetation Index 2 id_237.js EO Browser
EVI2 Enhanced Vegetation Index 2 -2 id_576.js EO Browser
Fe2+ Ferric iron, Fe2+ id_18.js EO Browser
Fe3+ Ferric iron, Fe3+ id_19.js EO Browser
Ferric Oxides Ferric Oxides id_20.js EO Browser
Ferrous iron Ferrous iron id_21.js EO Browser
Ferrous Silicates Ferrous Silicates id_22.js EO Browser
GEMI Global Environment Monitoring Index id_25.js EO Browser
GVMI Global Vegetation Moisture Index id_372.js EO Browser
Gossan Gossan id_26.js EO Browser
GARI Green atmospherically resistant vegetation index id_363.js EO Browser
GNDVI Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index id_28.js EO Browser
GOSAVI Green Optimized Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index id_29.js EO Browser
GSAVI Green Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index id_31.js EO Browser
GBNDVI Green-Blue NDVI id_186.js EO Browser
GRNDVI Green-Red NDVI id_185.js EO Browser
H Hue id_34.js EO Browser
IVI Ideal vegetation index id_276.js EO Browser
I Intensity id_36.js EO Browser
IR550 Inverse reflectance 550 id_368.js EO Browser
Laterite Laterite id_38.js EO Browser
LWCI Leaf Water Content Index id_129.js EO Browser
LogR Log Ratio id_243.js EO Browser
mCRIG mCRIG id_257.js EO Browser
MVI Mid-infrared vegetation index id_541.js EO Browser
MSRNir/Red Modified Simple Ratio NIR/RED id_362.js EO Browser
MSAVI Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index id_44.js EO Browser
NLI Nonlinear vegetation index id_111.js EO Browser
Norm G Norm G id_50.js EO Browser
Norm NIR Norm NIR id_51.js EO Browser
Norm R Norm R id_52.js EO Browser
PPR Normalized Difference 550/450 Plant pigment ratio id_483.js EO Browser
PVR Normalized Difference 550/650 Photosynthetic vigour ratio id_484.js EO Browser
SIWSI Normalized Difference 860/1640 id_219.js EO Browser
NGRDI Normalized Difference Green/Red Normalized green red difference index, Visible Atmospherically Resistant Indices Green (VIgreen) id_390.js EO Browser
BNDVI Normalized Difference NIR/Blue Blue-normalized difference vegetation index id_135.js EO Browser
GNDVI Normalized Difference NIR/Green Green NDVI id_401.js EO Browser
MNDVI Normalized Difference NIR/MIR Modified Normalized Difference Vegetation Index id_245.js EO Browser
NBR Normalized Difference NIR/SWIR Normalized Burn Ratio id_53.js EO Browser
RI Normalized Difference Red/Green Redness Index id_74.js EO Browser
NDSI Normalized Difference Salinity Index id_57.js EO Browser
NDVIc Normalized Difference Vegetation Index C id_377.js EO Browser
PNDVI Pan NDVI id_188.js EO Browser
PVI Perpendicular Vegetation Index id_64.js EO Browser
RBNDVI Red-Blue NDVI id_187.js EO Browser
RSR Reduced Simple Ratio id_75.js EO Browser
SAVImir SAVImir id_394.js EO Browser
IF Shape Index id_79.js EO Browser
TM5/TM7 Simple Ratio 1650/2218 id_337.js EO Browser
BGI Simple Ratio 450/550 Blue green pigment index id_210.js EO Browser
SR550/670 Simple Ratio 550/670 id_316.js EO Browser
SR560/658 Simple Ratio 560/658 GRVIhyper id_552.js EO Browser
SR860/550 Simple Ratio 860/550 id_343.js EO Browser
RDI Simple Ratio MIR/NIR Ratio Drought Index id_71.js EO Browser
SRMIR/Red Simple Ratio MIR/Red Eisenhydroxid-Index id_14.js EO Browser
SI Simple Ratio MIR/SWIR Cley Mineral-Index, Salinity Index id_95.js EO Browser
GRVI Simple Ratio NIR/G Green Ratio Vegetation Index id_30.js EO Browser
SRNIR/MIR Simple Ratio NIR/MIR id_479.js EO Browser
DVI Simple Ratio NIR/RED Difference Vegetation Index, Vegetation Index Number (VIN) id_12.js EO Browser
IO Simple Ratio Red/Blue Iron Oxide id_203.js EO Browser
RGR Simple Ratio Red/Green Red-Green Ratio id_213.js EO Browser
SRRed/NIR Simple Ratio Red/NIR Ratio Vegetation-Index id_568.js EO Browser
SRSWIRI/NIR Simple Ratio SWIRI/NIR Ferrous Minerals id_205.js EO Browser
SB1580 Single Band 1580 id_505.js EO Browser
SB2130 Single Band 2130 id_517.js EO Browser
SB2180 Single Band 2180 id_518.js EO Browser
SB2218 Single Band 2218 id_340.js EO Browser
SB2240 Single Band 2240 id_519.js EO Browser
SB2250 Single Band 2250 id_520.js EO Browser
SB2270 Single Band 2270 id_521.js EO Browser
SB2280 Single Band 2280 id_522.js EO Browser
SB460 Single Band 460 id_488.js EO Browser
BB3 Single Band 470 Blackburn3 id_309.js EO Browser
SR495 Single Band 495 id_533.js EO Browser
SB550 Single Band 550 id_347.js EO Browser
SB555 Single Band 555 id_534.js EO Browser
SB640 Single Band 640 id_489.js EO Browser
SB655 Single Band 655 id_535.js EO Browser
SB660 Single Band 660 id_490.js EO Browser
SB670 Single Band 670 id_348.js EO Browser
SARVI2 Soil and Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index 2 id_387.js EO Browser
SBL Soil Background Line id_353.js EO Browser
Soil Composition Index Soil Composition Index id_88.js EO Browser
SAVI2 Soil-adjusted vegetation index 2 id_310.js EO Browser
SLAVI Specific Leaf Area Vegetation Index id_89.js EO Browser
SQRT(IR/R) SQRT(IR/R) id_200.js EO Browser
SBI Tasselled Cap - brightness id_91.js EO Browser
GVI Tasselled Cap - vegetation id_92.js EO Browser
WET Tasselled Cap - wetness id_93.js EO Browser
TNDVI Transformed NDVI id_202.js EO Browser
TSAVI Transformed Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index id_97.js EO Browser
TSAVI Transformed Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index 2 id_247.js EO Browser
TVI Transformed Vegetation Index id_98.js EO Browser
VARIgreen Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index Green id_356.js EO Browser
WDVI Weighted Difference Vegetation Index id_104.js EO Browser
WDRVI Wide Dynamic Range Vegetation Index id_125.js EO Browser