A repository of custom scripts that can be used with Sentinel-Hub services.

Sentinel-1 Multi-temporal Backscatter Coefficient Composite

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For the interpretation of results, you can use
The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Handbook: Comprehensive Methodologies for Forest Monitoring and Biomass Estimation, 2019: table 3.1 page 66.
The book is available for free here: https://www.servirglobal.net/Global/Articles/Article/2674/sar-handbook-comprehensive-methodologies-for-forest-monitoring-and-biomass-estimation
The script visualizes Earth surface in False Color from Sentinel-1 data.
It helps in maritime monitoring (ice monitoring, ship monitoring,…) land monitoring (agricolture, deforestation,…) and emergency management (flood monitoring, volcano monitoring, …).


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Annamaria Luongo, https://twitter.com/annamaria_84