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PUCK - Perceptually-Uniform Color Map Kit Script

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General description of the script

A set of visualization utilities that produce beautiful images designed for human perception from single-channel data (NDVI, spectral angle, etc). Generate quality figures that are true to the data.

Good visualizations depend on good color maps. However, it is very easy to unintentionally create data artifacts or obscure trends unless care is taken. For example, many have written about the problems with rainbow color maps (e.g. Borland and Taylor 2007 and Kovesi 2015, see references). Yet, rainbows remain prevalent in scientific publications (and occasionally on SentinelHub).

SentinelHub custom scripts have limited support for custom color maps: colorBlend and ColorRampVisualizer. As a result, many users end up hardcoding their colors. Also, these functions use RGB colors instead of a color gamut designed around human perception. The goal of this project is to create tools for custom script developers to generate useful and perceptually uniform color maps. It provides visualization classes for users familiar with CIELAB color space and works to correct colors in RGB space to be perceptually uniform. The underlying mathematics is used by many scientific plotting applications, such as matplotlib, bokeh, chroma.js, and others.

Details of the script

How the Script Works

This script supports 4 flavors of color map in addition to functions that inter-convert between the CIELAB, XYZ, and RGB color spaces in pure JavaScript. In each case, the user simply provides two arrays, one for anchor colors and one for data values, and the class will generate the correct color for data values calculated by the script. For example, to generate a brown-green color map for NDVI values in the range [0, 1], simply use:

var ndvi_map = [ // https://www.google.com/search?q=rgb+color+picker [66/255, 50/255, 28/255], [0, 209/255, 3/255], ] var data = [0, 1] var cmap = new LinearColormap(ndvi_map, data);

function setup() { return { input: [“B04”, “B08”, “dataMask”], output: { bands: 3 } } }

function evaluatePixel(sample) { let ndvi = (sample.B08 - sample.B04) / (sample.B08 + sample.B04) return cmap.get_color(ndvi) }

In addition to LinearColormap, there is DivergentColormap, IsoluminantColormap, and the base class Colormap. The base class expects colors in CIELAB color space and simply calls colorBlend to get in-between colors before converting back to RGB space. All other classes expect colors in RGB space, map them onto CIELAB space, and apply a lightness correction specific to the class. The corrections for each class are: