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Sentinel-5P Sulphur Dioxide - SO2

var minVal = 0.0;
var maxVal = 0.01;
var diff = maxVal - minVal;
const map = [
	[minVal, 0x00007f], 
	[minVal + 0.125 * diff, 0x0000ff],
	[minVal + 0.375 * diff, 0x00ffff],
	[minVal + 0.625 * diff, 0xffff00],
	[minVal + 0.875 * diff, 0xff0000],
	[maxVal, 0x7f0000]

const visualizer = new ColorRampVisualizer(map)
function setup() {
   return {
    input: ["SO2","dataMask"],
    output: { bands: 4 }

function evaluatePixel(samples) {
   const [r, g, b] = visualizer.process(samples.SO2);
   return [r, g, b, samples.dataMask];

Evaluate and Visualize


Sulphur dioxide enters the Earth’s atmosphere through both natural and anthropogenic (human made) processes. It plays a role in chemistry on a local and global scale and its impact ranges from short term pollution to effects on climate. Only about 30% of the emitted SO2 comes from natural sources; the majority is of anthropogenic origin. Sentinel-5P/TROPOMI instrument samples the Earth’s surface with a revisit time of one day with a spatial resolution of 3.5 x 7 km which allows the resolution of fine details including the detection of smaller SO2 plumes. Measurements are in mol per square meter (mol/ m^2). Find more information here.

Description of representative images

High methane concentrations over Italy, 2019-08-31. NO2 tropospheric column