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Sentinel-2 120 m Mosaic - False Color

let factor = 1/3000
return [factor*B08, factor*B04, factor*B03, dataMask]

Collection Access

Sentinel-2 L2A 120 m mosaic is a public data collection, that is not part of open EO data. It is not included in EO Browser. To access it, you need a Sentinel Hub account, and then either create a process request to the collection or to create a configuration based on the preprepared template, which will allow you to view it in EO Browser and make OGC requests to it. The collection ID is 484d8dbb-9e3e-41f2-b96b-35189d3ae37f, and the collection type is byoc-484d8dbb-9e3e-41f2-b96b-35189d3ae37f.

General description

False Color composite is a simple RGB composite with NIR band in the red channel, red band in the green channel and green band in the blue channel. The script is useful for plant density and health monitoring, as vegetation (displayed in red) heavily reflects NIR light while absorbing red. Vegetation is colored red, cities and exposed ground are grey or tan, and water appears blue or black. For Sentinel-2 L2A 120 m Mosaic, the bands (B08, B04, B03) are divided by 3000 to bring them to an expected range of 0-1.

Description of representative images

False Color visualization of northern Africa and Europe, 27.12.2019.

120 m mosaic False Color

False Color visualization of Japan, 27.12.2019.

120 m mosaic False Color

False Color visualization of Ganges delta in Bangladesh, 27.12.2019.

120 m mosaic False Color