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Sentinel-2 120 m Mosaic - True Color

let factor = 1/3000
return [factor*B04, factor*B03, factor*B02, dataMask]

Collection Access

Sentinel-2 L2A 120 m mosaic is a public data collection, that is not part of open EO data. It is not included in EO Browser. To access it, you need a Sentinel Hub account, and then either create a process request to the collection or to create a configuration based on the preprepared template, which will allow you to view it in EO Browser and make OGC requests to it. The collection ID is 484d8dbb-9e3e-41f2-b96b-35189d3ae37f, and the collection type is byoc-484d8dbb-9e3e-41f2-b96b-35189d3ae37f.

General description

A true color composite uses visible light bands red, green and blue in the corresponding red, green and blue color channels, resulting in a natural colored product, that is a good representation of the Earth as humans would see it naturally. For Sentinel-2 L2A 120 m Mosaic, the bands (B04, B03, B02) are divided by 3000 to bring them to an expected range of 0-1.

Description of representative images

True Color visualization of northern Africa and Europe, 27.12.2019.

120 m mosaic True Color

True Color visualization of Japan, 27.12.2019.

120 m mosaic True Color

True Color visualization of Ganges delta in Bangladesh, 27.12.2019.

120 m mosaic True Color