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Landsat 5 and 7 ESA Archive

Landsat 7 and the retired Landsat 5 orbit’s are sun-synchronous, with near-polar orbits, flying at an altitude of 705 km (438 mi). Landsat 5 long outlived its original three-year design life. Developed by NASA and launched in 1984, Landsat 5 has orbited the planet over 150,000 times while transmitting over 2.5 million images land surface images around the world. The Landsat 7 satellite still orbits the the Earth in a sun-synchronous, near-polar orbit, at an altitude of 705 km (438 mi). The satellites are multispectra, providing visible, near infrared, mid infrared and thermal bands.

For more on Landsat 5, including its available bands, read here and for Landsat 7, read here..