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Dedicated to supplying data for Copernicus services, Sentinel-2 carries a multispectral imager with a swath of 290 km. The imager provides a versatile set of 13 spectral bands spanning from the visible and near infrared to the shortwave infrared, featuring four spectral bands at 10 m, six bands at 20 m and three bands at 60 m spatial resolution. As indices primarily deal with combining various band reflectances, the table of 13 bands is given here for reference (see here for details). The names of the Sentinel-2 bands at your disposal are B01, B02, B03, B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B8A, B09, B10, B11 and B12.

Remote sensing indices

Cloud detection algorithms

Snow and glaciers algorithms

Disaster management and prevention algorithms

Land use/cover classification algorithms

Vegetation algorithms

Agriculture and forestry algorithms

Marine and other water bodies environment algorithms

Urban planning algorithms

Other multi-temporal scripts

Other scripts

Scripts including machine learning techniques (eo-learn)