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MODIS indices from indexdatabase

Following collection of remote sensing indices has been constructed from the information available at the Index database (IDB) specifically for MODIS satellites Aqua and Terra.

Javascript functions have been parsed from the data automatically, so please note there might be errors and feedback will be appreciated. Also note thate the intervals where various indices are mapped to colors are estimations and as such might not work best for all use cases. Tweak the scripts and let us know about your findings.

Abbreviation Name Custom script Open in Playground
  Alteration id_1.js Playground
Fe2+ Ferric iron, Fe2+ id_18.js Playground
Fe3+ Ferric iron, Fe3+ id_19.js Playground
  Ferric Oxides id_20.js Playground
  Ferrous iron id_21.js Playground
  Ferrous Silicates id_22.js Playground
GVMI Global Vegetation Moisture Index id_372.js Playground
  Gossan id_26.js Playground
GNDVI Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index id_28.js Playground
  Laterite id_38.js Playground
NDWI2 Normalized Difference 857/1241 Normalized Difference Water Index id_546.js Playground
NDWI Normalized Difference 860/1240 Normalized Difference Water Index id_60.js Playground
SIWSI Normalized Difference 860/1640 id_219.js Playground
MNDVI Normalized Difference NIR/MIR Modified Normalized Difference Vegetation Index id_245.js Playground
NBR Normalized Difference NIR/SWIR Normalized Burn Ratio id_53.js Playground
NDSI Normalized Difference Salinity Index id_57.js Playground
  Silica 3 id_82.js Playground
SR560/658 Simple Ratio 560/658 GRVIhyper id_552.js Playground
SRWI Simple Ratio 860/1240 id_220.js Playground
RDI Simple Ratio MIR/NIR Ratio Drought Index id_71.js Playground
SI Simple Ratio MIR/SWIR Cley Mineral-Index, Salinity Index id_95.js Playground
SRNIR/MIR Simple Ratio NIR/MIR id_479.js Playground
SB2130 Single Band 2130 id_517.js Playground
SB460 Single Band 460 id_488.js Playground
BB3 Single Band 470 Blackburn3 id_309.js Playground
SB555 Single Band 555 id_534.js Playground
BB2 Single Band 635 Blackburn2 id_308.js Playground
SB640 Single Band 640 id_489.js Playground
SB655 Single Band 655 id_535.js Playground
SB660 Single Band 660 id_490.js Playground
SB850 Single Band 850 id_383.js Playground
  Soil Composition Index id_88.js Playground
VARIgreen Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index Green id_356.js Playground