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Color Correction with Sentinel Hub

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Basic information

  • Bands used by the algorithm: B2, B3, B4
  • Parameters:
    • c0r: atmospheric correction offset in red band B4
    • cManual: (optional) manual offsets for r,g,b bands; may include manual scale factors as well
    • tx, ty: position of the mid-point of the envelope for the levels color adjustment curve
    • max: maximal band value (after atmospheric compensation), to be rendered as white
    • sat: saturation enhancement, applied after levels adjustment
    • debug: set to false to highlight pixels where any component is outside the interval [0..1]
    • atmRatios: band offset ratios to use with single-parameter atmospheric correction (defaults are derived from Rayleigh scattering)

General description

The product produces natural color images using Sentinel-2 bands 4, 3 and 2. It performs a very basic linear atmospheric correction, and applies a curve to the color components to enhance details in the dark areas, while preserving contrast in very bright snow-covered slopes. It has been fine-tuned to use on the Sentinel-2 image of Monte Sarmiento in Tierra del Fuego taken 2016-05-05.

Description of representative images

Color correction of Rome. Acquired on 8.10.2017.

Color correction of Rome