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Sentinel-2 L2A Scene Classification Map

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General description

Scene classification was developed to distinguish between cloudy pixels, clear pixels and water pixels of Sentinel-2 data and is a result of ESA’s Scene classification algorithm. Twelve different classifications are provided including classes of clouds, vegetation, soils/desert, water and snow. It does not constitute a land cover classification map in a strict sense.

Description of representative images

Scene Classification of Rome.

NDVI of Rome

Color legend

NDVI range HTLM color code Color
No Data (Missing data) #000000
Saturated or defective pixel #ff0000
Topographic casted shadows (called "Dark features/Shadows" for data before 2022-01-25) #2f2f2f
Cloud shadows #643200
Vegetation #00a000
Not-vegetated #ffe65a
Water #0000ff
Unclassified #808080
Cloud medium probability #c0c0c0
Cloud high probability #ffffff
Thin cirrus #64c8ff
Snow or ice #ff96ff